For me, life in London nowadays is full of diversity and colour, a world where each new day opens a window to little- known cultures, identities and places.

This seems to be a great place to create my own musical kingdom where different planets meet and create a new moon…

Mi Luna was born not far from Walthamstow market. It unites together some of the most exciting musicians and dancers I’ve had the privilege to meet.

Each of these wonderful artists brings his own background, talent and taste and together we celebrate the similarities and differences between us and form a new artistic concept, a new Mi Luna programme.

Mi Luna performs on rarely heard and seen instruments and specializes in unique versatile programmes, suitable for all ages, backgrounds and venues.

Presenting a musical journey through ethnic influences and improvisation Mi Luna creates an exciting fusion between early & contemporary, traditional & modern music and dance.

Music can enable one to travel the world without leaving his chair; it teaches us about others and introduces new unknown islands…

I hope you’ll enjoy your journey with Mi Luna!