“Music gives us a sense of identity, purpose and time. It’s important to remain true to who you are and what you do.”


Growing up in the region of St Thomas and Portland, Jamaica,  Ripton has mastered the art of the Kumina dance and is one of the few generations left who still performs this rare and unique tradition while keeping its authentic essence.
As well as keeping alive the true traditional values of Jamaica and the Maroon tribe,  Ripton Lindsay developed his own distinctive approach combining both  traditional and contemporary dance with hip hop, reggae and jazz.
Ripton captures the hearts of audiences throughout the world performing and choreographing from carnivals parades to international festivals, performing and also conducting workshops.

Ripton was the artistic director and founder of Nkiru Performing Troupe, specialising in Jamaican traditional dances as well as contemporary performances from 1992 – 2000.
Through his years of performing Ripton has collaborated with German film production Polyphon, MTV, The Dave Matthew’s Band (USA) and Jazz musicians Pee Wee Ellise (James Brown), Alex Wilson amongst others.

Ripton has performed at many festivals including WOMAD UK / Abu Dhabi, Glastonbury, The Big Chill and Shambala festival.
Apart from being a dancer and choreographer, Ripton performs as a DJ, MC and a poet and has worked with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa of Zulu Nation, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Aquasky, Freq Nasty, Mr Benn amongst others.

Educational Work

Ripton is one of the key artists of WOMAD Beyond Outreach Programmes.
His lectures and workshops provide a unique insight to the traditional Jamaican culture.
Using the language of dance and music as an educational tool, Ripton’s work results in creating better communication between people of different abilities, background and cultures.
His work as a guest lecturer and dance tutor includes Bath University, Launceston College, Abu Dhabi University amongst others.
He also gave workshops in the UK, USA, Jamaica, Malta, Ireland, Israel and Austria.

From a natural and trained perspective, Ripton has vast experience working with children and adults with challenging behaviour and autistic spectrum disorder. Creating a comfortable environment, his work allows individuals with disabilities and challenging behaviour to thrive and perform on world renowned festival stages.